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root/ Shell Type (PHP) Shell Coders Include.txt? Download.zip
001 c99 shell - .txt? .zip
002 r57 Shell - .txt? .zip
003 c100 Shell - .txt? .zip
004 Sniper-Sa Shell Sniper-Sa Cr3w .txt? ..zip
005 Egy-Spider Shell Egy-Spider .txt? .zip
006 Locus Shell

by #!physx^

.txt? .zip
007 FX29 Shell

By FaTaLisTiCz_Fx

.txt? .zip
008 cyb3r-sh3ll (Cyber Gladiator) .txt? .zip
009 Uploader - .txt? .zip
010 PHPjackal1.3 netjackal.by.ru .txt? .zip
011 Mail List Maker

Fedora Girl

- .zip
012 Cgi-Telnet - - .zip
013 php backdoor v 1.0 by ^Jerem .txt? .zip
014 Safe Mode Breaker - - .zip
015 ALL.PhP - - .zip
root/ Shell Type (ASP) Shell Coders Include.txt? Download.zip
016 ASPYDrvsInfo sir_shagalot .txt? .zip
017 Elmaliseker forever5pi .txt? .zip
018 zehir ASP shell zehir .txt? .zip
019 zehir4 ASP shell zehir .txt? .zip
021 CMD Excuter Maceo .txt? .zip
022 RemExp - .txt? .zip
023 Server Variables - - .zip
024 ALL.AsP - - .zip

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